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Translation is more than a simple substitution of words, but rather, a communication of meanings. Effective translations consist of a combination of nuances, idiosyncrasies and cultural adaptations best picked up by native speakers.

Our outstanding team of translators, editors and proofreaders are highly specialized professionals who are native speakers of the target language. The large majority are accredited by the American Translators Association (ATA) and hold linguistic degrees or other advanced degrees from major universities. All of our translation professionals have superior writing skills and extensive expertise in the subject matter they translate. Many of our translators are lawyers, engineers, physicians or professionals with technical backgrounds. At GLOBALCONNECTIONS, LLC we are committed to providing high quality, accurate translations on time and within budget. We also understand the sensitive nature of your project and will ensure complete confidentiality with all communications.

GLOBALCONNECTIONS, LLC offers expert translation and interpretation services in the following subject matters:

  • Banking / Finance (financial statements, annual reports, projections)
  • Business (proposals, bids, correspondence, reports, news articles, etc.)
  • Computers (manuals, software localization)
  • Engineering (specifications, technical documentation)
  • Government (educational materials, standards, regulations)
  • Insurance (policies and procedures)
  • Legal (contracts, agreements, patents, copyrights, articles of incorporation, bylaws, document productions)
  • Marketing (brochures, newsletters, catalogs, labels, advertising materials)
  • Medical (service/operator manuals, instructions for use, training materials)
  • Mining / Oil and Gas documentation
  • Technical materials (product specifications, installation instructions, parts lists, safety manuals)
  • Telecommunications / Cable TV

We will manage all of the details pertaining to your project by carefully matching the appropriate translation team with the expertise required for the project. Quality control is essential and we have written documentation translated, edited and proofed by different team members to ensure accuracy and consistency in the style of the translated document.

For large projects we develop glossaries to ensure consistency in terminology throughout the project as well as future revisions and related projects. These customized glossaries are utilized for all relevant translations, and are made available to our clients as well.

As your translation firm we may ask you for reference and support materials that the translators can refer to for company-specific terminology and acronyms, including: company-specific glossaries, previously translated materials, company brochures and other promotional materials. This will help us to ensure consistency with your company’s terminology and writing style.

The large majority of client projects are urgent and GLOBALCONNECTIONS, LLC has the network of qualified professionals available to meet your toughest deadlines. Our professionals will provide you with the accuracy, timeliness, reliability and quality that you expect and require.


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